Mayor John LeeMayor John Lee recently traveled to China to meet with manufacturing companies and  encourage them to consider moving their business to  North Las Vegas. He spoke to several  executives who expressed interest in starting operations within the City.

“I want to attract businesses that will diversify the economy in North Las Vegas,” said Mayor Lee. He added that the city can not rely on gaming revenue alone and should instead seek “manufacturing companies whose  products are distributed throughout the country.”

Mayor John Lee Seeks Economic Diversity in North Las Vegas

Although the meetings with prospective companies sounded promising, Mayor Lee was not at liberty to disclose the names of the businesses so early in the process. The trip was part of a 10-day, five-city tour that included stops in the cities of Nanjing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Beijing and Taiyin.

City Manager Qiong Liu and Mayor Lee were joined by other local officials from Nevada and California on the trip. The team’s aim was to establish business relations and start dialogue with Chinese economic players in much the same way Faraday Future fostered connections with Mayor Lee to bring an electric vehicle factory to the Apex site.

The trip was sponsored by the Sino-American Friendship Association. The non-profit organization, based out of New York, specializes in “building valuable relationships and creating dialogue with the US-China community” for the purposes of economic, diplomatic and educational improvement. All expenses not covered by the Association were paid out-of-pocket by Mayor Lee and City Manager Liu.

Mayor John Lee Addresses Chinese Movers and Shakers

While on the trip, Mayor John Lee had the privilege of addressing Chinese political and business leaders from the historic Great Hall of the People at Tiananmen Square in Beijing. There, he touted the advantages of establishing business relations with the City of North Las Vegas.

He spoke of the city’s goal to construct 100 million square feet of commercial industrial space within North Las Vegas. The new tenants would join Faraday Future, Hyperloop One and Bigelow Aerospace in their new North Las Vegas home.

Additionally, he shared news of apparel company Fanatics Inc. recently announced plans to be the first Fortune 500 company in North Las Vegas. They intend to open a large distribution center in the city by June 2017.

Updates from Faraday Future

During his trip, Mayor Lee had the opportunity to speak with Faraday Future leaders regarding their 3 million square foot manufacturing facility in North Las Vegas. According to their statements, the facility is on-track with all projected deadlines.

“We had a good conversation about what they’re doing on their end and hitting timelines, and everything looks real good,” reflected Mayor Lee. “The conversation was more like a rekindling of a business relationship between two partners.”

Original projected plans for the facility targeted a 2017 opening date with production to commence soon after. Once complete, Faraday Future’s electric vehicle factory will add 4,500 full-time job opportunities to the area.