Chinese-backed electric vehicle manufacturer Faraday Future has begun grading the land at the Apex Industrial site in preparation for construction of their manufacturing facility. This signals the first step in building the massive, three million square foot plant. Upon completion, the plant will produce Faraday Future’s electric cars..

Faraday Future plans to have 4,500 full-time employees at the facility, half of which must be permanent Nevada residents according to the tax incentive agreement. The company declined to provide details on a timeline for the factory’s opening or when the first car will roll off the assembly line.

Trucks and Earth Movers Show Up at Apex

Heavy equipment is already arriving at the Apex Industrial site of Faraday Future’s plant. According to the permit issued by the North Las Vegas Public Works Department, Faraday Future has until Jan. 27, 2017 to finish grading the site.

Once grading is completed at the 900-acre site, crews can begin pouring concrete slabs and erecting the steel frame as the $1 billion electric vehicle factory takes shape.

“We’re trying to move as quickly as we can while doing the best quality job,” company spokesperson Stacy Morris told the Review Journal last month. While Morris noted that plans were already one-month behind the company’s self-imposed schedule, she did say that satisfactory progress was being made. She revealed that North Las Vegas regulations require a certain number of water trucks to be present during grading, along with a host of other stipulations that add to the complexity of such projects.

Everything seems to be progressing according to plan as other requirements like the design for a railway spur are underway. The Apex railway spur project will link the area rail system to the Faraday Future factory by way of publicly owned land per a recent right-of-way agreement with the city.

Permits for underground utilities, foundation and the erection of the building structure have yet to be issued to Faraday Future.

Hope for a Better Future for North Las Vegas, Says Mayor John Lee

No one is more excited about the progress of the Faraday Future project than North Las Vegas Mayor John Lee. He helped broker the deal that brought the multi-billion dollar Faraday Future project to the North Las Vegas desert.

Together with Gov. Brian Sandoval, Mayor John Lee and the Nevada State Legislature passed a $215 million tax incentive package in order to attract the Chinese-backed company. With Faraday Future as the anchor, Mayor John Lee hopes that other companies will move into the Apex Industrial Site and call the city of North Las Vegas “home.”

Faraday Future already intends to hold an important presence in the city, even going as far as to lease a 2,885 square foot office at city hall. The space allows for 30 employees at a rate of $64,047 a year.