People around North Las Vegas know what Mayor John Lee has done for his cherished city, and now leaders around the country will know as well thanks to a new cover story in American City & Country magazine.

American City & Country is a national publication circulated to government leaders around the country. The magazine highlights elected officials who have made a difference in their community.

Gracing the cover proudly wearing a “City of North Las Vegas” emblazoned hard hat,, Mayor Lee provides the heroic image of a person who would do anything to help his city.

Glossy But Not Gloating — Mayor Lee’s Image Graces Cover Story North Las Vegas Mayor John Lee

American City & Country writer Darek Prall credits Mayor John Lee with the deliverance of a miracle to a city in desperate need , saving North Las Vegas from losing its charter.

The five-page cover story chronicles the city’s journey under Mayor Lee’s leadership. While preventing bankruptcy and takeover in the 11th hour and reconciling budgets and local union agreements, Mayor Lee welcomed any advice and educational perspective he could during his first years in office.

After speaking with individuals such as Robert Lang of Brookings Mountain West and city officials from now-bankrupt Detroit, Mayor Lee realized that declaring bankruptcy would mean more than giving up; it would mean financial ruin for the entire region for decades.

“It sent shockwaves through my spine,” Mayor Lee disclosed. “It would have taken a generation to get through it.”

The article describes how Mayor Lee put his plan into action. By making the most of a streamlined permitting process and model legislation from the Tesla battery factory deal, Lee was able to court international businesses in order to attract a stable economic base for his city.

Prall writes about how instead of increasing company and residential burden, Lee opted to attract new companies and operations to help to diversify the economy of the city.

Through these efforts, Mayor John Lee was able to attract businesses to North Las Vegas’ Apex Industrial Park. While the area was often considered by businesses for its attractive proximity to rail, major highways and the Port of Los Angeles, it lay dormant because no one wanted to invest in infrastructure.

Yet, Mayor Lee was able to convince Chinese-backed electric vehicle manufacturer Faraday Future and Elon Musk-back Hyperloop One that the Apex site was a perfect fit.

The pieces began to fall into place, including transfer of a 200 acre parcel from the Bureau of Land management to the city for use in development as a medical jobs-creating zone as well as approval for the long-stalled Tule Springs Fossil Bed National Monument project.

In addition, Mayor John Lee helped budget $24 million in sewer upgrades for the city and $9 million in road improvements as well as a City Hall remodel complete with a public library and a new State Park dedicated to Nevada’s oldest standing structure.

Lee’s tireless zeal towards improving his community has become a parable for other failing cities and an example of a new, motivated attitude among local officials.

“You can’t wait for the federal government,” said Robert Lang, effectively summarizing Mayor Lee’s dogged attitude. “The cavalry isn’t coming anymore. If you want to get assets in place, you have to show creativity at the local level.”

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