Mayor John Lee Welcome Hyperloop One

Hyperloop One recently announced the opening of their company’s brand-new 105,000 square foot manufacturing facility in North Las Vegas on July 27. The company plans to bring futuristic mass transit from conception to reality, all on North Las Vegas soil.

This announcement brings with it hope for the future and signals the resurging health of the North Las Vegas business community. “We are thrilled that Hyperloop One — the future of transportation — is expanding its manufacturing footprint in North Las Vegas and bringing highly skilled jobs to other parts of our community,” said North Las Vegas Mayor John Lee in Hyperloop One’s official news release.

Hyperloop One Metalworks in the Works

“Hyperloop” is a travel concept first presented by the head of Tesla Motors and SpaceX, Elon Musk. Along with a team of scientists and engineers, Musk carved out the idea of a raillike system suspended by magnetic forces and travelling at speeds in excess of 700 mph through depressurized, low-friction tubes. He then challenged other companies to join in  and make the concept happen, something Hyperloop One — formerly Hyperloop Technologies — was more than happy to do.

That company’s first major success was a live Hyperloop concept test in North Las Vegas, where a 100-meter section of track and a magnetic propulsion system successfully accelerated a test sled from zero to 100 mph in 1.1 seconds.

What the test failed to prove was the capability of the system in an enclosed, low-pressure environment. It also could not yield the data needed to evaluate the concept’s performance in a long-distance and long-term environment. To take that next step, Hyperloop One must build a two mile closed-loop test track capable of further testing and refinement of the concept.

Hyperloop One’s new manufacturing facility will enable them to do just that. Located in North Las Vegas near the Lone Mountain Corporate Center site, the facility dubbed “Hyperloop One Metalworks” will design, develop and fabricate the structural components needed to bring Hyperloop One’s test track prototype to life.

“Hyperloop One Metalworks is the first Hyperloop manufacturing plant in the world,” said company co-founder Josh Giegel. “The ability to have a world-class machine shop in-house gives us an advantage to build rapidly and develop the Hyperloop in real time.”

Plant Set to Propel Momentum for Transportation Reform and NLV Economy, Says Mayor John Lee

The dream of Hyperloop is to develop an efficient, high-speed transportation system that could cut travel times between cities like Las Vegas and San Francisco to 30 minutes. However, North Las Vegas Mayor John Lee hopes that the Hyperloop One Metalworks will have a more immediate impact on the health of the city’s economy.

By bringing high-tech jobs to NLV, Hyperloop One hopes to boost the area’s job market with attractive positions. Supporting industries like construction, transportation and real estate all benefit from the plant’s opening. Hyperloop will not only accelerate improvements in travel, but the growth of North Las Vegas’ jobs market and economy in general.