Mayor John Lee and the North Las Vegas City Council hope to make flooding along Ann Road a thing of the past with their proposed $8.8 million infrastructure contract. The project aims to reduce flooding on the busy stretch of road, protecting the safety of citizens while preventing street and business closures.

The area around Mojave High School will be of particular focus to enhance the safety of students and parents while preventing severe weather from stranding area residents.

American Civil Constructors Southwest will head the project, which is expected to take 10 months to complete. Plans call for the addition of flood control infrastructure as well as road improvements to enhance disaster preparedness in the area.

It Never Rains in The Valley, Except When It Pours

Strong rains in the midst of dry spells have caused flash flooding incidents to intensify in North Las Vegas in recent years. The hard ground in the Las Vegas Valley mixed with an inadequate drainage system makes less than an inch of rain enough to present flood dangers to cars, people and property.

The valley received record breaking rainfall in April. The previous record of .17 on April 9 was set in 1943, and it was broken by the 0.62 inches of rainfall that fell over the course of the afternoon.

Subsequent flooding resulted in the rescue of four people from flood control channels in Las Vegas proper.

Heavy rainfall this past October created similar flood conditions in North Las Vegas, as this video from YouTube user “s34nVideos” shows.

Mayor John Lee Proposes Enhancing Flood Prevention Along Ann Road

Mayor John Lee and the North Las Vegas City Council proposed an $8.8 million contract to renovate the business and residential corridor along Ann Road to lessen the severity of flash flood incidents and prevent them outright. The project will include the stretch of Ann Road from Upper Las Vegas Wash Channel to Goldfield Street as well as North Fifth Street between Ann Road and El Campo Grande.

Plans for the new flood control improvements were discussed in a North Las Vegas City Council meeting on Wednesday, May 18, 2016. Mayor John Lee presented the plan, with a strong emphasis on keeping students and parents safe when a flash flooding occurs during school hours.

The Regional Transportation Commission will partner with the Regional Flood Control District to engineer, plan, design and oversee construction of the 10-month project, which is scheduled to start in July and be completed in April or May of 2017.